Marina Sailing's Mooring Locations

Two moorings available for Marina Sailing members!

Hamilton Harbor - call (310) 822-6617

Our mooring in beautiful Hamilton Cove, H-19, is located just west of Avalon Harbor, next to the famous Casino. The mooring can accommodate yachts up to 50 feet in length.

Enjoy the convenience and safety of this great location with its close proximity to the dinghy dock. The mooring sits in a protected area of the cove close to the shore where you can enjoy diving, kayaking, fishing, swimming and many other activities. Also, Avalon with its famous Casino, great restaurants, and nightlife is just a few minutes away by shore boat.

Call 310-822-6617 for reservations.


  • Avalon Harbor Department-24 hour service VHF Channels 12 & 16 (310) 510-0535.
  • Isthmus Harbor Department VHF Channel 9. (310) 510-4253 or 510-0303.
  • Avalon Boat Stand (310) 510-0455.
  • L.A. County Sheriff ís Department (310) 510-0174.

Isthmus Harbor - call (310) 822-6617

Reserve our mooring in Two Harbors, O-10 (click to see mooring chart), for boats up to 50 feet in length and get ready for a fun and relaxing weekend in one of Catalina's most beautiful locations. You'll enjoy all that this harbor has to offer. Hike and see Buffalo, relax on the beach, explore the nearby coves, dive around kelp beds, or just enjoy the peaceful beauty of the harbor.

Call 310-822-6617 for reservations.


  • All mooring assignments are made at the harbor entrance.
  • 5 MPH speed limit or wakeless in all moorage and anchorage areas.
  • 14' maximum limit at all dinghy docks.
  • Anchorage responsibility outside of Avalon Bay is left to the discretion of each and every boat operator.
  • Avalon Harbor Dept. monitors VHF 16 & 12.
  • Avalon Shoreboat service monitors VHF 9.